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Available in 11 ml (pure). The cost of a pure oil varies depending on the plant (see below).  


Orders are made by email / phone or when making an appointment for your consultation.  

Delivery charges extra.

The information on this site comes from aromatherapy reference sources and is offered for informational purposes only. They can in no way constitute a diagnosis, nor replace professional medical advice, nor engage the responsibility of Sylvie Dulude and Zayat aroma.  For any therapeutic use of the products, please refer to a health professional.


Green anise

Pimpinella anisum

Develops clairvoyance, and offers protection. Chase away negative energies.  Associated with purification. Use it during emotions, mourning, and love.

She has some  aphrodisiac, tonic and even repellent properties against certain parasites.

Keep out of reach of children


Citrus aurantium ssp. bergamia

Breaks bad spells. It allows you to let go of toxic emotions.  Self-confidence, courage and good humor.

It is also relaxing and digestive.

Cause of photosensitivity

white camphor

Cinnamomum camphora ssp. formosanum

Because it soothes sexual desire, camphor is useful after a breakup. It contributes remarkably to the elimination of negative energy.  It helps us focus on the present.

Effective against inflammatory and muscle pain.

Avoid during pregnancy, epilepsy or other seizure disorders.  Incompatible with homeopathic treatments. 
11ml neat / $6.00



This product does not contain THC or other cannabinoids. Hemp essential oil, also known as cannabis sativa essential oil, is a rare natural remedy with many medicinal properties.  It contains active elements such as myrcene, caryophyllene and terpenes with analgesic, bactericidal and anti-inflammatory effects.  Recommended in case of spasms and neuromuscular pain.

Keep out of reach of children

Ceylon lemongrass

Cymbopogun nardus Rendle

Particularly powerful when you want to protect and purify your aura.  It drives out negativity including bad luck by returning energy to its source.

It is ideal for attracting friends, love and prosperity.

Powerful anti-inflammatory, it has its place to treat rheumatism, tendonitis and arthritis.  It regulates excessive perspiration.

Avoid during pregnancy, may irritate skin.


Turmeric longa

Remarkable purifying properties favoring the circulation of energy, turmeric can be used to protect or cleanse a ritual space. Useful for grounding and centering energy. It galvanizes self-confidence and courage.   

Is recognized as a powerful anti-inflammatory.

In addition, it helps the liver by facilitating the digestion of fats.

Avoid during pregnancy, may irritate skin.


Boswellia serrata

Ideal for meditation.  It raises spiritual awareness.

It soothes angst and anxiety while uplifting the spirit.

It is anti-inflammatory and anti-infectious against diseases of the respiratory tract, to be used in inhalation.

Keep out of reach of children.


Foeniculum vulgare var. dulce

Sharpens the mind, promotes creativity and communication. Use it to bless, to purify. Source of balance and courage in times of mourning and brings about positive changes.

Effective against gas and bloating, as a drop on the tongue after the meal, or as an anointing on the abdomen.

Avoid during pregnancy, epilepsy or other seizure disorders.


Pelargonium graveolens

Its virtues relate mainly to the self, to creativity, and to the ability to take control of one's life. It helps to break bad spells and attract luck.

Good against minor skin conditions: couperose, eczema and other dermatoses.

May cause sensitization.


Styrax benzoin 

Associated with emotions, healing and the ability to get rid of the unwanted.

It is an exceptional antiseptic and antifungal. (acne, eczema, sores)

Title 6
May cause sensitization Title 6


Chamaemelum nobile 

Renowned for its healing properties, both physical and emotional. It stimulates creativity, intuition and spiritual vibrations.

Calming, it promotes peace and sleep.

May irritate the skin
Title 6


Elettaria cardamomum 

It elevates the spirit, promotes concentration, creativity and divination. It rekindles love and consolidates romantic bonds. It gives courage and confidence.

It opens the appetite but also relieves bloating and intestinal gas.

Keep out of reach of children
Title 6
11ml neat / $28.00

atlas cedar

cedrus atlantica 

Thanks to its purifying properties, this oil is ideal for consecrating amulets.  To those facing death, cedar brings comfort, calming and emotional release. Give courage.

Powerful anti-cellulite, it  promotes venous and lymphatic circulation, facilitating the elimination of water retention.

Avoid during pregnancy, may irritate skin.

Yellow lemon

Citrus limonum

Amplifies psychic gifts and gives access to a higher spiritual level.  It is useful when one wants to communicate with these guides and attract abundance, happiness, and well-being.

It is disinfectant, refreshing and invigorating. 

May irritate skin or cause sensitization. May cause photosensitivity.


Coriandrum sativum 

Promotes clairvoyance, divination and access to memories.  Use it to find a lover. For emotional balance, and fertility and longevity. Associated with changes, cycles, renewal, secrets.

Activates memory and fights against mental fatigue.  It stimulates the digestive functions and soothes the


Use in moderation.
11ml neat / $20.00


Cupressus sempervirens var. strictly 

Is of precious help because it brings consolation and healing in the face of death and mourning. It amplifies awareness, concentration and clarity of mind during spiritual activities.   

Diluted in 90% of its volume of vegetable oil and applied to cellulite, hemorrhoids, varicose veins or spider veins.

Keep out of reach of children

Eucalyptus officinalis

eucalyptus radiata

It is recognized for its purifying virtues. To chase away negativity in general and to recover from emotions. Perfect for those who need protection or get rid of something unwanted.

Clears the respiratory tract, facilitates the elimination of mucus and reduces coughing.

Toxic when taken orally. May irritate the skin. Incompatible with any homeopathic treatment.


Gaultheria fragrantissima

It is a powerful anti-inflammatory painkiller, not to mention its deodorizing effects.

Keep out of reach of children.


Hyssopus officinalis

She hunts the  negativity, breaks bad spells and protects.  Particularly effective in manifesting change, stimulating creativity and fostering personal development.

Is also a powerful pectoral to be used in low doses, diluted with 5% EO in vegetable oil and applied to the back and/or the plexus.

Avoid during pregnancy, if you have epilepsy or other seizure disorders.  In case of hypertension, use in moderation.
11ml neat / $20.00


Thymus mastichina cineolifera

Is ideal for the death of someone because it comforts the deceased and ensures them a peaceful stay in the afterlife.  It soothes the grief of the living, promotes healing and preserves memories.

Brings well-being in anxious and depressive states.  Induces relaxation for easier sleep. Balancing the neurovegetative system.

Avoid during pregnancy, use in moderation.


Myristica fragrans

Nutmeg helps return the spell to the person who initiated it. This oil promotes balance and fidelity in matters of the heart.

Aperitif and digestive, this oil is an antispasmodic that relieves bloating and intestinal pain.

Avoid during pregnancy.

sweet orange

Citrus sinensis

Directs energy towards positive thinking and emotional clarity and thus brings self-confidence and a feeling of well-being. It promotes love, peace and fidelity.

Relaxing, promotes sleep, calming anti-stress.  Fight against stomach cramps. bloating and nausea, stimulates digestion.

May irritate the skin


Cymbopogon Martini c. motia

The palmarosa will come in handy whenever you need to ground and center energy. It clarifies the ideas and increases the concentration when one has to make a decision.  It is associated with peace, relationships, and spirituality.

Brings softness and tempers emotional excesses.


Keep out of reach of children


Pogostemon cablin

Associated with spirituality, it promotes growth and is ideal for blessings. Very protective.  Particularly useful for clairvoyance and divination.

Brings happiness, dispels negativity and brings peace to the home.

Anti-inflammatory, antiseptic, deodorant, skin regenerator.

Keep out of reach of children
11ml neat / $10.00


Zingiber officinale

Helps align the subtle bodies and ground the physical body. Use it to attract money or seduce lovers.

Ginger is very useful in case of nausea and difficult digestion.  It also relieves joint pain and flu symptoms.

May irritate the skin. Cause of photosensitivity.
11ml neat / $20.00


Lavandula angustifolia

Promotes concentration, bringing clarity and inspiration in divination and communication. Lavender brings fidelity and renewal within a marriage, as well as balance and peace to relationships of all kinds.

Helps to reduce stress and all kinds of nervous tension, to fall asleep more easily and to prolong sleep.

On the skin, it fights bacterial and fungal infections, and repels mites, lice and ticks.

Title 6

Pepper mint

Mentha piperita

Sharpens psychic awareness, amplifies divinatory gifts and encourages premonitory dreams.  It promotes healing, increases self-esteem and helps solve problems.  Increases sexual arousal and desire.

Is ideal for relieving heaviness in the stomach as well as intestinal cramps.

Avoid during pregnancy.  May irritate the skin, avoid in case of hypertension, incompatible with homeopathic treatments.


Melaleuca quinquenervia

This oil protects against psychic attacks. It stimulates the body to healing.

Comforts by promoting mental clarity; allows the mind to center itself and regain its lightness. Inner strength is reborn. 

Stimulating, bactericidal, decongestant, antiviral, antifungal.

Keep out of reach of children.


Origanum compactum

Antibacterial  very potent and broad-spectrum, this essential oil of oregano is also antiviral, antifungal and  pest control.

It is very effective in treating  acute or chronic infectious states  (respiratory, intestinal,  cutaneous  Where  urinary).

Not recommended for pregnant or breastfeeding women, as well as for children under 6 years old. 

It should also be avoided in case of chronic diseases (hepatitis) or autoimmune diseases (multiple sclerosis).

pamplemousse blanc.jpg

white grapefruit

Citrus paradisii

Is ideal for amplifying psychic gifts, especially the gift of clairaudience. Use it to increase overall strength, enhance spirituality, and manifest abundance.

It promotes meditation by calming the mind, relieving it of tension and negative thoughts.  Purifying, draining, toning.

  It is recommended  diluted in vegetable oil for the treatment of oily skin, acne  and some  cellulite.

Can be photosensitizing, avoid applying it before going out in the sun.

Scots pine

Pinus sylvestris

Renowned for its purifying properties that chase away negative energy.  Use it to bless and to attract abundance. It promotes healing and growth that will bring inspiration, peace, and access to timeless wisdom.

Excellent pulmonary antiseptic. Known to be analgesic and relieves cramps, arthritis, and rheumatism.

Caution: May irritate skin, avoid if you have high blood pressure.


Cinnamomum camphora cineoliferum

Revitalizes in case of fatigue and stress. Opens inner and outer breathing by unraveling psychic and physical blockages.  Harmonizing, it brings a flow of energy and joy.

Tonic, anti-viral and anti-infectious. Great tonic and powerful energizer, it is a great help in case of stubborn fatigue, whether physical or nervous.

Keep out of reach of children
sapin beaumier.jpg

Canadian balsam fir

Abies balsamea

The fir tree is the tree of beginnings, energy, growth and healing. It brings power when one has to defend oneself, and it also provides stability and security. It is protective and allows you to counter or break bad spells. It elevates consciousness and spiritual work.

AT  antiseptic, expectorant, mucolytic and immune tonic effects.

Keep out of reach of children.


Citrus aurantium ssp. aurantium

It sharpens the mind, frees the conscience and enlightens the inner vision.  It awakens deeply buried memories that pave the way for personal development and well-being.

Relieves palpitations, spasms, muscle tension and nervousness.

Keep out of reach of children

eastern hemlock

Tsuga canadensis

It sharpens intuition.  All indicated when you want to get rid of your stagnant emotions. It inspires, deepens spirituality and strengthens confidence.  It is also associated with balance, longevity and money.

It calms muscle tension, clears the lungs and helps overcome negative fixations. recommended for its  oxygenating action  and like  respiratory tonic. 

Keep out of reach of children


Rosmarinus cineoliferum

It is associated with honoring the memory of the dead. It is ideal when you want to remember your dreams or your past lives. It attracts fairies and elves while protecting against evil entities. It sharpens awareness and amplifies magical and psychic gifts. 

Is indicated during infections of the respiratory tract with mucous congestion. Fights chronic fatigue.

Avoid during pregnancy, if you have epilepsy or other seizure disorders, and high blood pressure.
tea tree.jpg

Tea Tree

Melaleuca alternifolia

This tree has exceptional therapeutic properties, very useful in terms of both physical and emotional recovery. It will help you to show determination in all your undertakings and to find in them a worthwhile objective. use it

to find inspiration and to stimulate your creativity.

One of the most used on the planet for its anti-fungal and bactericidal, even antiviral properties.

May cause sensitization

Ylang ylang

Cananga odorata genuine

It stimulates intuition and creativity. It also promotes dream work and communication with beings of light and spirits. Also associated with balance, determination, fertility, healing and home.

May cause sensitization

The Archangels

In synergy, get the Archangel that inspires you the most: Michaël - Raphaël- Métatron - Gabriel 

Keep out of the reach of children
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