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14 pages   Cost: $8.95 

Practical guide to your spiritual awakening

Digital Book - Spiritual Ebook

Thanks to the practical exercises and easy meditations in this booklet,

you will discover your faculties  communicate with your self (soul)

and spiritual beings.


Do you doubt yourself?

Do you think you don't have the potential to communicate?

Does that sound complicated?


Often the mind makes us doubt, that it is for others etc...

it is only an illusion.


You have all the potential inside you, just believe in it and practice these few exercises and you will see tangible results.

The methods that I present to you  are at the origin of my spiritual evolution. However, it is not necessary to master them all. It's up to you to decide which ones suit you best.


Audiobook: now available!

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The practical guide to spiritual awakening read by myself (Sylvie Dulude),  who will guide you  in your spiritual exercises.

14 pages   Cost: $8.95

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