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Les 7 Chakras principaux

Reiki Energy Healing

With the method of Dr. Mikao Usui, a Reiki session will bring you a harmonization of all your bodies; physical, astral, mental, and spiritual...

By laying on of hands, I transmit the energy where you need it. I work with beings of light and convey their messages to you as needed. I end by balancing and purifying your chakras and aura of any negative energy.

Cost: $70.oo / one hour    

Reiki 1 Training to Reiki Master

Learn the origin of Reiki

Receive the sacred initiation.  The method of Dr. Mikao Usui,  will allow you to give Reiki energy treatments.


The duration of the training is approximately 4 hours in private or semi-private.

Is given in private or semi-private


On appointment

Cost: Reiki Level 1:  $175.00  You will do your first Reiki session

       Reiki level 2: 200.00$  Learn to give it away

       Reiki level 3: $250.00  You will be able to give Reiki training from  

                                 level 1 & 2


       Reiki Master:   300.00$  You will have all the symbols and

                                knowledge of a Reiki Master.  You  

                                can then give Reiki training                                  at all levels.

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