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guidance of the soul

A date with your inner source

A soul guidance is different from a clairvoyance session. Indeed, clairvoyance will help you know in advance, to predict what will happen to you. While spiritual guidance will invite you to come back inside yourself, to know yourself better and above all to better perceive your potential.


In this meeting I will accompany you, as well as your guides, in your development of your life, so that you can: evolve, discover your desires,  reach your goals , achieve your dreams, break the  limiting beliefs  and remove obstacles.

These meetings are for anyone looking for life guidance in order to be enlightened and oriented.

Themes that can be addressed

Your life mission - the reason for your incarnation

Learn to listen to your inner voices

Relationship with your spirit guides - beings of light

Go to the source of blockages - fears - patterns

The major passages of life (mourning, loss, etc.)

Realignment of bodies and chakras

Discover your spiritual faculties and develop them

How to achieve your goals in all areas

(work, health, love, finances...)

Obtain clarification on various topics that concern you

Increase your confidence

Protect yourself from negative energies...

As a medium, I will work with the beings of light, who will guide you all

  along this beautiful inner journey of the soul.

Depending on your needs, I will use these tools:

Reading with your guides - Energy treatments -  Purification of your chakras - aura  

Akashic Records -  spiritual hypnosis -  Guided meditation

Exercises to develop your spiritual faculties -  

Past lives


             Cost:  $80.00 /60 minutes

                   $120.00 /90 minutes

                   $40.00 /30 minutes  ( if you have any questions)


NOTE: Faute de temps et de place, les rendez-vous pour une consultation sont réservés pour ma clientèle actuelle et ce, pour une durée indéterminée.  Mais tous les cours/ateliers et soins énergétiques sont ouverts à tous et si vous avez besoin d'informations, il me fera plaisir d'y répondre.

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