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beings of nature

Nature Being Reiki is a form of Reiki that focuses on nature healing and connecting with fairies and nature spirits. It is a tool to facilitate healing, not only of the Earth, but also of those who dwell there.



A Reiki session can help you with physical and emotional discomforts and also bring help to manifest abundance.  


If you don't know your totem animal, I will do a little guided meditation for you, in order to get to know it and so that it can accompany you during the session.


I am in connection with the beings of nature.  It will be my pleasure to send you their messages concerning a situation for which you would like to receive clarification.

With my pendulum, I will balance and purify your main chakras, as well as your aura.  


Cost: one hour $70.00

Initiation of the Kingdom of Fairies


Initiation is a transmission of energy that opens, cleans and connects the person to the ability to use that specific energy to which they are going to be initiated.  


It is a perfect form of energy to help gardens, flowers and forests grow, heal animals and open psychic centers to communicate with fairies and nature spirits.


Cost of the initiation: 80.00$


NOTE: This type of energy should not be used on people with cancer or tumors. Fairyland Reiki is an energy of growth and proliferation.  

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