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Soul Reading of the Dead

Sometimes it is difficult to grieve.  We have some

questions,  we would like to know how they are on the other side.

I communicate with your loved ones  deceased and I pass on to you

their posts.


It is important to understand that it is the spirits  who choose

of  communicate,  not us. We invite them, but they are not at

our service.  Occasionally,  they can not  or do not want

communicate (rarely).  


It is preferable to wait a period of 3 months for a communication

with the soul  of a deceased.  For a case of suicide, it is possible that the delay

be longer.

Reading with your guides - beings of light

Our spiritual guides are close to us.  

Several other beings of light such as the angels - archangels - ascended masters  

  also help in our ascent.

Their messages will help you discover your life mission on

the physical plane, where you are at in your spiritual journey

and how to progress.

They will also help you in all areas of your life that you have questions about.

I am not painting a general picture of what will happen in your year

as would a seer or a tarologist.

My role is to help you acquire the necessary tools to

better orient you in your daily life.  

Prepare for your meeting by writing down your questions or

situations where you want clarification.  


Since we have our own referee, situations may change

depending on the decisions you make in your life.

Nothing is immutable.

The Akashic Records

The Akashic Records are like a virtual library in which our soul history is recorded.


The consultation of the akashic files makes it possible to enter into contact with spiritual resources and to obtain in particular: information on what binds us with our previous lives as well as with the people we meet in this life (karmic links).  

These files allow us to understand the source of our fears, our blockages.


Animals:  to know his past lives in resonance with his present life. The bond he has with us. Our pet can come back to us more than once. What happens after his death?


spiritual hypnosis

  For more details on spiritual hypnosis
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You can save


It is possible to have a consultation by phone, Messenger, Skype, Zoom, Facetime...

No exchange or refund on guidance, lessons, and workshop.


Cash payment and Interac transfer accepted ( paid before your departure )



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