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spiritual hypnosis

Spiritual hypnosis, a more recent specialty of hypnosis, is based on the premise that a person's unconscious stores in memory not only the events of the present life, but also those of so-called "past" lives, and even "spaces" between lives. In the usual waking state of consciousness we normally do not have access to these memories, but in a state of hypnosis it is possible to access these memories safely.

Spiritual hypnotherapy allows you to access your “higher self”. It is also a process of discovery and personal life coaching that opens up paths towards personal development. This practice seeks to accompany you towards your own vocation. The practitioner in spiritual hypnosis builds a conversation between the state of consciousness and the unconscious. The unconscious is a kind of store where all your experiences, your ideas, your perceptions are kept.

Here is how spiritual hypnosis can help you:

* Discover and understand our spiritual nature

* Clarify our life mission

* Connect with our spirit guides or other beings of light

* Break free from our fears, our blockages

* Explore our past lives 

* Explore our inter-lives

* Meet a deceased loved one

The first meeting is approximately 90 minutes, which consists of discussing your needs and goals before starting the hypnosis session. ($90.00)


The second and subsequent sessions (if applicable) last approximately 60 minutes. ($70.00)

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