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About me



Since my childhood, I feel that beyond the visible, other lives exist.


Growing up,  I became aware of the other more subtle planes, as well as those who live there, helping us in our evolution on the earth plane.


through meditation  and various spiritual exercises,  I developed my faculties  clairaudience, clairvoyance and clairsentience.  In other words,  I can see, hear and feel spirits, beings of light,  the guides, the soul of the deceased... and transmit their messages.


By communicating with the souls of the deceased, I can

help them go into the light (state of consciousness).



Whether you're struggling to grieve, whether you're at a crossroads  or for any other questions that are important to you,  

my goal  is to help you on the journey of your life...



Thanks to France Gauthier for the referencing on her website  




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