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Purification of places  

under the influence of negative energies

Here are some clues that will help you know if you are in the presence of entities  negative:

. To feel observed with an unpleasant feeling

. Feeling of intense cold when all doors and windows are closed

. Unusual noises in an unoccupied room

. Foul smells without explaining the reason

. Voices of people coming from nowhere

. Footsteps in the house when alone

. Animals panicking or changing behavior for no reason

. A person who suddenly changes behavior 

. Sensation of being grabbed by the throat and choking

. Objects that move or disappear

. etc...




Our intervention takes place in the astral, and can therefore be used in any country without

physical displacement on our part. It is non-invasive, and does not require any technological devices.




​​ The intervention Purifies, Energizes and Protects (PEP) people and places affected by a spiritual process.

It is not a religious approach and therefore we can help people of all

beliefs and religions. This generally makes it possible to feel better in one's environment and

with our loved ones.

Cost: $100.00 

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