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Harmonic care with
therapeutic tuning forks
& Tibetan bowl (Sound therapy)

Sound therapy is a technique of harmonic care aimed at using sounds, frequencies and vibrations for harmonizing and therapeutic purposes.

During therapeutic care, I use therapeutic tuning forks as well as the Tibetan bowl.

Body water as a conductor

We are made up of 65% water on average. This is how "the waves will spread throughout the body, triggering a deep massage, resulting in an immediate state of relaxation.


Sound therapy can relieve:

  • Joint pain

  • Muscle and tissue relaxation

  • Blockages of meridians and chakras

  • Reflex points (feet, hands)

  • Stress reduction and relaxation

  • Balancing the subtle bodies

Together we will discuss your needs...

Procedure of a harmonic treatment:

During the session, a Reiki treatment will be given to you.

Purification of your chakras and your aura with tuning forks (angels) & quartz  

Harmonization of your bodies with  tibetan bowl

Use of therapeutic tuning forks for personalized care (see above) with the reflex points of the feet/hands.


  Duration: 1 hour / Cost: $70.00


A few precautions are necessary: sound therapy should be avoided for people with a pacemaker,  pregnant women less than 4 months or more than 8 months.

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